BioDynaMo: Super fast agent-based simulations

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What is it?

This software suite supports scientists to easily create, run, and visualise multidimensional agent-based simulations (be them biological, sociological, ecological, financial, ...).  Built on top of the latest computing technologies, BioDynaMo is enabling users to perform simulations of previously unachievable scale and complexity, making it possible to tackle challenging scientific research questions. 

Biological tissue simulation use case

BioDynaMo offers a general platform for computer simulations of biological tissue dynamics. It provides a service for other communities in the fields of biology and computational science, used to exchange ideas and simulation code. It is a software platform designed to easily create, run, and visualise 3D agent-based biological simulations. It can be used on standard laptops, desktop computers as well as high-performance computers to fully exploit different hardware platforms for computational biology research.