At CERN, on a daily basis, thousands of scientists contribute to the World's ecosystem of Open Source.

We want to surface CERN’s role in Open Source more.

We also want to help everyone writing software and creating open-source hardware.

Our brilliant students currently come to CERN enthusiastic to work at one of the World's leading science labs.

We consider our work in the OSPO successful…

  • when the students are also enthusiastic to come to CERN because it is the World's leading Open Source lab;
  • when the World sees the significance of CERN's Open Source contributions;
  • when CERN's community knows where to get answers for Open Source questions and challenges and know what to do with it;
  • when they know which best practices to follow when contributing and using Open Source;
  • when CERN is integrated into the European, the scientific, and World's networks of OSPOs;
  • when Open Source has become one of the pillars of CERN's Open Science efforts:
  • then you will hear the CERN OSPO celebrating that it has achieved what it could not hope to achieve.

And we will continue to do our best to get there, with you and our community!